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The name Yaavarum which in Tamil means “Everyone” taken from Tamil Poets saying “Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir”[Any place is my homeland, every person is my kin] which currently depicted in UNO HQ.

Yaavarm Journey So far and ahead

Started in January 2012 by a few like minded friends in the literary circle name “Yaavarum” taken the baby step into the publishing world with a couple of short story collections. Initially, regular meetings were conducted with reading sessions, book reviews, and expression of thoughts from different angles which attracted young readers of different.

Many unexplored areas of knowledge and contemporary world literature across the world were heavily discussed at the gathering which started throwing light on the future area of work for Yaavarum.

In the year 2013 Yaavarum transitioned from tyro to a publisher with two of the friends Jeeva Karikalan [Kalidasan J] and Kannadasan T concentrating on core publishing.

Tamil being one of the oldest languages and the necessity to bring out bring out books in different disciplines imparted tremendous energy to the publication which helped in identifying new authors who can contribute not only to Tamil literature but also to the world literature. Year 2015 which was the centenary year for Tamil short stories and Yaavarum Publishers registered their names in short stories with their contribution of 10 short story collections from 10 newly discovered authors.

The year 2015 saw Yaavarum focusing on the field of popular science; books on Android technology, Robotics, Bacteriology, Engines, etc., written by industry experts for commoners are published. Books reached common readers and school students.


To take unrevealed treasure of Tamil language’s ancient literature, art, culture, rich traditions worldwide.

To work with a team of youngsters in bringing out fresh thoughts and antithetical thoughts.

To publish the best of contemporary world literature to Tamil.

Literature forever is passionate in talking it’s fraternal twin the Art. Yaavarum took this edge by bringing out books on Theory of Art, Iconography, Epigraphy, Architecture, Graphic novels etc.

Conscious efforts are taken in translation to Tamil from other languages and Yaavarum is in touch with a respective estate in copyright procurement.

Nurturing young minds to bring out their creativity and express their own thoughts are essential for a healthy society. This can be achieved through children’s literature and realizing the significance Yaavarum started working individually and in association with congenial persons and companies starting from 2018 onwards.

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